A Century of Ashland Arrow Football
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Record 6 - 5 - 0
Ohio Cardinal Conf.  6-1-0
1st Place

Ashland High School 2011

Photo above is used with permission from Barry Finlay, Gerald's Studio, Ashland, Ohio 44805 

Row 1:  Brandon Nardo, Greg Gallaway, Marquise Jones, Capt. Jake Wolfe, Capt. Adam Wolbert, John Bolin, Spencer Cooper, Capt. Zach Bernhard, Capt. Josh Duewel, Derek Ward.
Row 2: Zach Donley, Capt. Steve Mowry, Ryan Sullivan, Clark Hart, Jake Hardin, Connor Hopton, Grant Bohl, Tyler Workman, Bryan Geist, Steven Gill, Scotty Chacey.
Row3: Nate Weitzel, Austin Bouquet, Seth Shakley, Garrett McQuate, Aaron Fairbanks, Kyler Lacy, Chris Viloria, Zach Thompson, Cody Bever, Patrick Johnson, Caleb Miller.
Row 4: Kozmo Krueger, Willie Moore, Gabe Bradshaw, Nick Barker, Tyson Vogel, Jacob Allton, Max Stringer, Heath Reineke, Spencer Pelton, Carlton Buchanan, Robby Ross.
Row 5: Ryan Nichols, Nick Zurcher, Jerrod Coning, Paul Wolfe, Ty Green, Remington Reynolds, Michael Feliciano, Caleb Winfield, Michael Barteck, Joel Vanderzyden, Jordan Shank,  Nick Laurent.
Row 6: Noah Kyle, Daniel Kettering, Cody Uhler, Noah Burke, Coach Andy Tabler, Coach Scott Sauder, Coach Rick Gough,  Bob Troupe, Coach John Saccomen, Kyle Conkle, Phillip Linger, Lee Burley, Zachary Hanna,
Row 7: Coach Chris Solis, Coach Jeff Cole, Coach Brad Mumaw, Christina Pfeifer, Coach  Jim Deppen, Coach Carl White, Coach Chad Hider, Coach Steve McDonnell, Head Coach Scott Valentine

  SCORES LINE UP: Offense Defense:
' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '
AHS 16   Wadsworth 45 WR Brandon Nardo DE Spencer Cooper
AHS 26   Dover 27 LT Heath Reineke DE Kyler Lacy
AHS 35   Sandusky 49 LG John Bolin DE Connor Hopton
AHS 56   Wooster         28 C Clark Hart DT Seth Shakley
AHS 31   West Holmes 35 RG Derek Ward DT Adam Wolbert
AHS 38   Mansfield Senior 6 RT Steve Mowry MG Robby Ross
AHS 14   Orrville 0 TE Josh Duewel MG  Ty Green 
AHS 49   Clear Fork 14 WR Nick Barker LB Tyson Vogel
AHS 39   Mansfield Madison 14 WR Kosmo Krueger LB Gabe Bradshaw
AHS 24   Lexington 17 WR Jacob Allton MB Willie Moore
AHS         QB  Zach Bernhard CB Jake Wolfe
   Playoffs HB Marquise Jones CB Garrett McQuate
  New Albany
    MS Zach Thompson

2011 Summary
After three-opening losses to 9-1 State playoff teams Coach Valentine's squad made the best turnaround in school history. They won the 4th OCC title in six-years and made the State playoffs for the 5th time during this illustrious epoch.

The Arrows were led by a pair of MVP's QB Zach Bernhard (2460 yds passing for 18 TDs) and second-team All-Ohio Marquise Jones (496 yds rushing and 847 yds receiving for 114 pts). The most outstanding awards went to offensive players: (backs) Marquise Jones and Jacob Allton, and (lineman) Steve Mowry. The most outstanding awards on defense went to: (lineman) Adam Wolbert, (LBer) Willie Moore, and (deepback) Jake Wolfe. The George Valentine Sportsmanship award went to his grandson Greg Gallaway, who was a second-team All-Ohio kicker with career records of 164 extra points and 213 points plus the longest FG (48-yards) in AHS history.

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